Celebrating 20 years in Mill Valley

We are a Pilates studio located close to downtown Mill Valley in Marin County, California.

We offer private one-on-one Pilates and CoreAlign instruction.


A session on the CoreAlign includes mostly standing exercises that help with flexibility, balance and address asymmetries.

A session on the CoreAlign includes mostly standing exercises that help with flexibility, balance and address asymmetries.


What is Pilates? Pilates is an exercise program designed to condition the whole  body, increase core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, promote good breathing and posture. It is not only an exercise method, it is also a discipline that  becomes a self-help tool to take care of one's body.

Is Pilates for everybody? Pilates is universal: children, women and men of all ages and levels of physical ability can benefit from it. 

Why take Pilates? Learn new skills, self-care, get fit or fitter, recover and heal from an injury,  help with a chronic illness, lessen aches and pains, built muscle mass, increase bone density, age gracefully, take care of the grandkids, enhance outdoor recreational or sports activities, start a new project that requires endurance, build confidence, relax and rejuvenate, and more.


How can Pilates help? When you practice Pilates, you workout with your own specific body design, you learn how to make the necessary adjustments in alignment and in breathing,  to make the connection from your brain to your body, where to initiate your movement from and how to stabilize your core, you find the imagery that works for you and carry out this new knowledge into your daily life. That’s why it is called a mind-body discipline. 

How long does it take to be good at Pilates and see results? Practice is practice, every session enhances the benefits acquired during the former one. The Pilates principles imprint within your body and mind and it all becomes natural very soon.

What is CoreAlign? It is a machine with two moving carts, a ladder, straps, bands and rotational discs. Most of the exercises are done standing on the moving carts, either holding a ladder for control, or straps for gesture and balance, or free handed for challenge. We move forward, backward, sideward, in multi-planes. Great emphasis is placed on finding neutral alignment, linking lower and upper body centers of gravity through core muscles. 

The CoreAlign system is organization in movement. It adds more dynamic and standing exercises to the Pilates repertoire. It addresses asymmetries, and allows to work on gait and balance.

The CoreAlign exercises cover three different types of physical activities: rehabilitation (Fix), learning basic movement essentials (Foundation), training for amateur sports and athletic performances (Fun). 

Why combine Pilates and CoreAlign? It allows to design such a variety of exercises and movements to match the ability and level of a person, and meet its specific needs and goals. The apparatus is so adaptable to each individual’s size and shape, it is a very creative environment and offers optimal results. 

Teaching style? Contemporary and Classic. Classes can be very easy and mellow, or quite frankly challenging. The tone can be fun and lighthearted, or serene and meditative. Combination of therapeutic and fitness,   use of props for support or challenge, hands-on and massage.




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