Carmen Zeni has literally changed my life. I've been seeing her for individual Pilates instruction for over seven years and now, at 63, I'm in the best shape of my life, including relief from a chronic low back pain that no doctor, medication or treatment could relieve.
Here are the things you should care about when looking for a Pilates instructor:

  • Should be Pilates certified and regularly attend seminars. Carmen is always perfecting her craft.
  • One who listens to your feedback and targets your personal needs.
  • Someone you like and trust, who is cheerful and caring.
  • And at the top of the list - cleanliness. Carmen's sunny storefront studio is IMMACULATE all the time.....

I cannot say enough good things about Carmen, she is one of the joys of my life.  If you're looking for someone with whom to begin or continue Pilates instruction, now is the time to see Carmen.

P.S. Her husband, Yves Lavenne, is a master at Therapeutic Massage.         (Ginger S. )


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"I have been working with Carmen Zeni for over seven years. Carmen is knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful and professional.  My sessions are thought out and tailored for me and my body.  Not only has Carmen made me completely aware of my body and its workings, she has changed my life.  I recommend Carmen without reservation.  You will thank me."  (Irene D.)


"Doing Pilates with Carmen twice a week keeps me young, fit and allows me to age gracefully." (Karin G.)


"I have been working with Carmen Zeni since 2005. During that time she has driven me to exhaustion, pushed me beyond my limits, and made me love it all. When I wanted to stop she said, "two more". When I whined, she gave me another way to get the same result. If I came in with no energy, I left with loads. If I came in pain, we worked around it. The workout is always different and never boring. Carmen is a masterful teacher with a great heart."     (Sharon L.)




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